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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Progress Continues

So I've written 6,385 words in three chapters of the fifth rewrite. It's been a good time to think about some changes from my original direction. Among them:

* Likely a new title, which I will unveil later. Again, the title is a work in progress, much like everything else with the book.
* New last names for the main characters (which are up on the book info page linked above).
* At least one character is being removed from the first book and pushed to the second. I'm debating on removing another entirely. Both are supporting characters I determined weren't as important to the story I wanted to tell.
* Trying to do more to get inside the heads of the characters, which means certain parts of the book that come later, will come earlier. I hope it builds more intrigue.
* Certain material I planned to push to the second book is likely getting pulled into the first instead.

In the meantime, I will try to find some time to jot down ideas for the second book, so that when it comes time to revisit that draft, I have an outline on where I really want things to go.

Tomorrow, I plan to go to Pratt to visit with another writers group. Figured it's a good idea to meet some more writers and see what other ideas I can get from them.

Oh, and I do plan to build my links list over time and see what other improvements I can make to the blog. As with the book, it's a work in progress and nothing was built in a day.

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