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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Almost There, But Not Yet Ready For Pit2Pub

There's an event taking place on Twitter tomorrow called #Pit2Pub, or Pitch to Publishers, in which writers can condense a pitch for their book to tweet size (140-character limit) and participating publishers will favorite the books that interest them.

I gave it a little thought, but won't be participating. While I have nearly finished the fourth editing and revising process for my first book, I still have three more chapters to go and don't want to put out word that I'm looking for an agent or publisher until that's finished.

Just as importantly, I haven't put together a draft of a query letter that will contain the basic information about myself and how I'm going to present the book. I need to review some sample query letters out there to get some ideas for that. And, no, I'm not going to send the same query letter to every agent (I'm planning to start with an agent search first, before I start talking directly to publishers), but get a base letter to work with, that I can tailor to each specific agent I contact.

It is nice to know that there's an avenue that might be available should I be unable to find an agent, though. Perhaps another #Pit2Pub will take place in a few months.

More later this week about another person who inspired my writing.

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