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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Book Update

I have finished editing the third draft of my first book and will go through it one more time before moving forward. Tomorrow, I promise I'll reveal exactly what my book is about.

While the book does fall into science fiction, it's aimed more at the young adult market. I will say, though, that many young adult books have appeal to older audiences, too. Ask how many older adults enjoyed books such as The Hunger Games, for example.

I'll start slowly with what I reveal about the book, as I don't want to give too much away before I start trying to find an agent. I'll give you enough to stir your interest, though.

As for the second book in this planned trilogy, I finished 12 chapters and, once final edits on the first draft are finished, I should be able to crank out more for the second book.

I still have more to write about those who influenced my writing in the coming weeks, of course. And as I prepare to shop the book around, I plan to attend a writer's association workshop in Wichita in a couple of weeks, so I can meet some other writers and find out what they have learned.

I'll admit I'm a bit nervous about taking these next steps, but it's time to find out if what I have to offer is something others want to read.

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