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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Young Justice Reviews: Episodes 24-26

Three more reviews of Young Justice episodes, which will bring us to the end of season one.

Episode 24: Performance

The plot: The Team goes undercover at the Haly International Traveling Circus to investigate a thief stealing weapons technology throughout Europe.

Key elements: The continued belief of a mole within The Team, Robin's backstory.

Favorite quote: This exchange between Miss Martian and Robin:
Miss Martian: "I feel so silly. Who knew a Martian could be vulnerable to a human virus?"
Robin: "Uh... H.G. Wells?"

Episode thoughts: The writers found a clever way to explore Robin's years before he became a superhero and tie it into Red Arrow's continued suspicions about a mole on The Team. Along the way, not only does Robin clear Jack Haly, Red Arrow learns more about the relationships that Artemis, Miss Martian and Superboy have with the rest of The Team and becomes more convinced of their loyalties.

Episode 25: Usual Suspects

The plot: The Team welcomes new member Rocket and takes on another mission, one that could expose all the secrets within The Team.

Key elements: Rocket officially joins The Team, new Justice League members named, the revelation of who really was the mole.

Favorite quote: Riddler with a riddle and Robin with the answer.
Riddler: "I am flora, not fauna. I am foliage, not trees. What am I? [Pause] Come on, you can get this. I am shrubbery, not grass. What am I? I...
Robin: Ambush.

Episode thoughts: Events come to a head in this episode as The Team members with secrets reveal them, which leads to The Team taking down a number of agents working for The Light. But another twist reveals The Light's real plans and who was actually the inside agent, working against both The Team and the Justice League. It leads nicely into the final episode.

Episode 26: Auld Acquaintance

The plot: The Team learns the truth about who really was the mole and is forced to confront an enemy stronger than it could ever have imagined.

Key elements: The Light's real plan is revealed.

Favorite quote: This exchange between Superboy and Robin:
Superboy: "Krpytonite hurts."
Robin: "That's why Batman keeps it an overwhelmingly impenetrable vault in the Batcave. Well, more like a whelmingly penetrable vault."

Episode thoughts: Revealing The Light's plan would be a major spoiler, but let's say that it's far from something like "we're trying to take over the world" and more about Vandal Savage's observations of how human beings have evolved through the years. Though Savage's methods (and those of his allies) are worth questioning, his reasoning is not so easily dismissed. And The Team shows that everything it has learned about working together proves invaluable when they must confront a greater foe. Finally, the events of Season One play a key role in building to the overarching plot for Season Two.

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