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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Young Justice Reviews: Episodes 13-16

I have four more Young Justice episode reviews for you this week. It's at this point of the season that pieces start falling into place regarding who are the members of The Light and reasons behind some of the moves the members made, plus laying more groundwork regarding how the members of The Team interact with one another and mature in some ways.

Episodes 13 through 16 feature some elements that viewers who jump into the series at this point may not understand at first. But for those who have been faithful viewers since the first episode, they can accept these elements because they have grown accustomed to what to expect from the series, allowing the series' creative team to place characters in surprising situations.

Let's look at the next four episodes in the series.

Episode 13: Alpha Male

The plot: After The Team learns that Aqualad knew of the possibility of a mole on The Team, the others aren't trusting him when he must guide them on a mission to investigate reports of attacks by enhanced animals in India.

Key elements: The introduction of Captain Marvel (or as they call him now, Shazam), the revelation of The Brain's involvement, the addition of Wolf to The Team.

Favorite quote: From The Brain in a remark to Captain Marvel: "I'm told you have the courage of Achilles, mais non? Perhaps you should have asked for his invulnerability instead."

Episode thoughts: Aqualad has to learn what it really means to be a leader, even after making a decision that The Team members don't like. Along the way, the members have to learn what it really means to trust one another and their faith is restored in Aqualad, to the point that they wish for him to remain leader even after he's willing to step down.  A bonus point: Captain Marvel's involvement and how he'd rather be with The Team than with the Justice League.

Episode 14: Revelation

The plot: While the Justice League battles super-enhanced plants that are attacking major cities, The Team must locate and destroy the central control system, which means an inevitable confrontation with the Injustice League.

Key elements: Another appearance of the Helmet of Fate, the first appearance of Rocket, the revealing of the members of The Light at the episode's conclusion.

Favorite quote: From The Joker: "With so much power at my fingertips, some might call me a control freak... others, just a freak. Either works for me."

Episode thoughts: The Injustice League features villains who are working together to send the plant creatures upon the cities, apparently revealing themselves as the ones behind other incidents The Team and League have investigated. But it's revealed later that the Injustice League merely served as proxies for the real members of The Light. The episode is light on character development and more focused on the action, but that's because characters have been built to the point that the series can switch to an action-oriented episode and let viewers enjoy seeing the heroes team up to take down the enemy.

Episode 15: Humanity

The plot: When the Justice League refuses to discuss the whereabouts of Red Tornado, The Team takes it upon themselves to investigate, bringing along new friend Zatanna in the search.

Key elements: The introduction of Zatanna, Red Tornado's backstory and T.O. Morrow's plans revealed.

Favorite quote: This exchange between Zatanna and Robin:
Zatanna: "(Red) Tornado never knew my moves."
Robin: "And I bet you've got some good ones... oh, sorry. That might have come off a little too Wally."
Zatanna: "I don't mind."

Episode thoughts: The storyline about Red Tornado's disappearance is resolved and we learn more about why he chose to supervise The Team. It's a great way to utilize a minor character from DC Comics and make him a key element of the series -- it's an area in which the series creators excelled. Their version of Zatanna differs from the comics, in that she's introduced as a teenager rather than as an adult. It's another instance of the creators coming up with their own interpretations on a character -- another element that makes this series unique.

Episode 16: Failsafe

The plot: The Team must take charge when an alien invasion decimates the Justice League -- but The Team is surprised to find that Martian Manhunter, thought to be killed, is still alive.

Key elements: More insight into Miss Martian's powers, more insight into the relationships between Team members.

Favorite quote: From Miss Martin: "Don't tell me the mission was a success. The price was too high."

Episode thoughts: By this point of the series, the show creators are able to drop viewers right into a storyline without necessarily having to explain everything at first. Hints are dropped along the way that not all is what it seems with this alien invasion -- and the revelation of what really happened (which is a spoiler, so I won't say anything for those who never watched the series) have an impact on team members in the episodes to come.

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