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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Young Justice Reviews: Episodes 21-23

We are entering the home stretch of the first season of Young Justice. I have three more episode reviews for you this week.

Episode 21: Image

The plot: The Team is sent on a covert operation to Qurac against Queen Bee, which results in Miss Martian being forced to confront a secret she has kept from The Team.

Key elements: The first appearance of Marie and Garfield Logan, Robin taking leadership of The Team for the first time, deeper revelations about Miss Martian's background.

Favorite quote: This exchange between Psimon and Miss Martian:
Psimon: Now, now, my pretty. I know you don't want to do anything you'll regret.
Miss Martian: You don't know me at all!

Episode thoughts: Subtle clues about Miss Martian's backstory have been dropped throughout the season and her true form is revealed for the first time. The revelation plays a key role in furthering the story about a supposed mole within The Team and what other secrets are being kept. The show creators also planted the seeds for the introduction of a new teenage hero down the line.

Episode 22: Agendas

The plot: Superboy is encouraged by Lex Luthor to investigate Cadmus Labs, where Superboy uncovers another attempt to clone Superman's DNA.

Key elements: Deeper revelations about the backstory of Superboy and Cadmus Labs, a vote to determine the newest members of the Justice League,

Favorite quote: Dubbilex asking Superboy about the genomorphs' current predicament at Cadmus Labs: "Are we free to walk the surface as you do? Or has our role merely changed from weapons to menial labor?"

Episode thoughts: Superboy gets more questions answered about how he came to be and Lex Luthor serves an important role in the development. He then becomes the next Team member to keep secrets from the others, not wanting to reveal the truth about his origins. The Justice League discussing potential new members seems minor on the surface, but it plays an important role in the main storyline.

Episode 23: Insecurity

The plot: After Red Arrow joins The Team, Artemis feels pressured to prove herself on a mission to investigate Sportsmaster, which could risk exposing her deepest secrets.

Key elements: Red Arrow joining The Team and focusing his suspicions about a mole upon Artemis, revelations about Red Tornado seeking to interact more with humans, another twist in The Light's major plans.

Favorite quote: From Cheshire to Artemis: "Hey sis. Long time no reveal who you really are to your friends."

Episode thoughts: The previous two episodes focused on two Team members keeping secrets and now we get to a third, whose secrets have been known for some time. All this ties into Red Arrow's suspicions about a mole within The Team, providing intel to the enemies of The Team and the Justice League. And in this case, it forces Artemis to confront uncomfortable truths about her family relations. A subplot regarding Red Tornado building an android to assume another identity appears minor on the surface, but plays an important role in the final episodes.

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