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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

So What's Really the Plan Here?

OK, so earlier, I said I'd do blog updates every Thursday, but that's not entirely true. There will be times when I post on other days of the week, mostly to let people know where things stand as I venture into the world of fiction writing.

On Thursdays, I'll focus on more in-depth writings, talking about people whose writings or productions inspired me, and reviewing a few books I have read, some which you likely know about, and some you may not be familiar with. I also plan to review a few shows I've watched -- be warned that I am a comic book geek, so I'm going to be talking about shows related to that genre.

On other days, when I get the chance to post, I'll talk more about other topics, ranging from relevant topics of the day to things I've noticed as I've gone through the writing process.

I'll give you an update on where my book writing is at: I have a trilogy in mind, with the first book having gone through a first draft, then a second draft, and now being fine tuned. I have also started the second book while some ideas are fresh in my mind. My plan is to fine tune the first book over the coming weeks, while I think about agents to approach. In the meantime, I'm tackling the second book with the first draft of chapters written on Sundays.

I will say that I've found plenty of advice on how to tighten writing. One thing I've noted as I've edited my first book idea, is that you find a lot of fat to trim.

More to come later this week.

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