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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Book Review: Insurrection (And A New Release Plug)

A few weeks ago, I chatted with Kadee Carter about her first book, Insurrection, and my interest was piqued, so I bought it. Turned out I was in for a fun ride.

The story follows 16-year-old Saylor, who grows up in an orphanage, only to escape with her three friends in a boat. They find themselves caught in a storm on the high seas and, later, on a Carribbean island on which a military base is located. It's here that Saylor learns of a new threat to the human race and must step into a role she never expected to be in, not only to save her friends but humanity itself.

I really loved Saylor -- she is a sassy yet kind girl who grows through the course of events, evolving from somebody who wants to question why she has to do anything, to somebody who accepts her role and what she is destined to, but never loses her heart or her desire to learn more.

Carder did a good job researching military life and its structure, and you can tell from the writing that she is a softball fan! She created a simple yet interesting technological threat that Saylor must overcome. And I thought the pacing was good overall, in which Carder breaks up the action scenes with some slower parts that focus on character development.

The prologue to the book might be considered an info dump to some, but once you get past it, you go right into the story about who Saylor is and her life experiences -- and from there, the action picks up and there are more spots in which it's difficult to put the book down.

Insurrection is a recommended read... and it just so happens that the second two books have already been released. In fact, Carder's third book in the series is out now. Here's details about the third book and, below, you can find links to purchase all the books in the series. I know I'll have the second book on my to-read list in the near future!


We humans have to be stronger than we ever imagine, love ourselves in the process, and dig in when the ground seems to sink. We not only relish adventures, we create them. That’s the basis of Saylor’s story in Kadee Carder’s young adult science fiction trilogy, Insurrection. Volume One, Insurrection, and Volume Two, Incomplete, is now available on iTunes, Amazon Kindle, and Barnes & Noble Nook, and Volume Three, Indelible, will be available May 9th! Scintillating gadgetry, crackling romance, and endless riddles fill the pages of this trilogy, in a fresh adventure for the restless reader.
Beneath the fa├žade of covert laboratories and military exploits, Saylor’s story twists further in this thrilling final installment of the Insurrection trilogy. Concealed identities. Puzzling truths. Cryptic alliances. Amid hasty exits and curious arrivals, Saylor pursues the answers haunting her conscience.
Dealing with the consequences of her decisions, will Saylor find herself invincible, or drawn even closer to Breame’s conniving promises? And with humanity’s existence at stake, will Saylor advance toward the brimming war, or succumb to the battle bubbling in her blood?
Saylor must decide.
Humanity will always be worth fighting for.

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