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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Book Review: B.E.V.

Having gained more interest in dystopian fiction and how authors either build their worlds or examine the circumstances people face, I ran across Arthur Butt's B.E.V.

The story is told through the viewpoint of Hunter, a teenage boy who has difficult walking as a result of an alien attack that has left Earth devastated. He and his friend Kat find themselves in the middle of an assault on their hometown and run across a sentient war machine called B.E.V. (which stands for Battle Evasive Vehicle). The two take the vehicle to rescue Hunter's father and defend their hometown.

The concept of a sentient war machine was interesting. I liked how that played out throughout the novel -- it was a fun take on artificial intelligence, as B.E.V. not only shows intelligence but has a distinct personality. I liked the interplay between Hunter and Kat, though the author teases a romantic relationship but doesn't really pay it off. The world building is good for the most part and the author does a good job building tension, though at times I thought the aliens came off as one-dimensional.

B.E.V. is a book that I think most science fiction fans would enjoy, though readers who are looking for a more in-depth portrayal of the antagonist may not like it as much. You may buy the book on Amazon.

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