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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Best Compliment You Can Get

One of the biggest compliments I got about my new novel came from my publisher, Clean Reads, in a recent Facebook post which said that the story stayed with the editors who looked it over.

I'm flattered that the editors said that and that my publisher thinks highly of the book. To know that I've written a story that stays with people who read it means I must have done a good job, because I've found that the best books are the ones with stories that stay with you after you're finished with them -- the types that make you think about what you've read and the themes behind them.

I thought about this when I sat down and put together a list of my five favorite books for a blog tour stop with Wendy May Andrews. The Outsiders was the first one that came to mind because its themes are still relevant today. 1984 was a book that influenced my own writing, in terms of the themes I wanted to explore. I'll direct you to Wendy's site so you can learn more about the five favorite books I mentioned.

I know I have a challenge ahead of me as I put together the next two books -- the second one just finished beta reads and I'm hoping to polish it up this summer, while the first draft of the third book is underway. Will I be able to keep impressing the people who edit the books, give them another book in the series that sticks with them and leaves them curious as to where things go next?


Meanwhile, I've made several blog tour stops and will direct you to those. Thanks to Kadee Carder, Iris Blobel and Wendy May Andrews for hosting me. I have a couple more stops lined up in the coming weeks.

Thanks again to everyone for their support.

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