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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Two Days Until Launch!

Hard to believe the launch date for my first novel, Six Pack: Emergence, is just two days away.

It's amazing to see how far my journey has come ever since I started writing my first draft more than two years ago. When I started writing that draft, I had no idea where it would lead. After sending it to a friend and getting a lot of feedback, I rewrote the draft, researched the world of publishing, joined the Kansas Writers Association, got more feedback and, after multiple revisions, got a draft that I believed was ready to submit to agents.

After not finding an agent, I ran across the Pit2Pub pitch party on Twitter. I refined some pitches, a few publishers were interested, and that fateful day that Clean Reads wanted to publish my book arrived.

And in peeking at my Amazon author page, I saw some pre-orders have already been placed, which makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside!

So now that the book is set to be released this Tuesday, now what?

I've planned an online launch party at my Facebook page for April 8, in which you are free to stop by and ask questions about the book or just say hello. And if you like the page by that date, you will be entered into a drawing for a $25 Amazon gift card.

And I've lined up a few blog tours and promotional posts in the coming weeks. I'm still interested in doing more and am happy to do an exchange with my Twenty Questions sessions for those who are interested.

One question I have to answer is what to do locally and much of that, I believe, might not become reality until I reach the point the book will be published in paper format. But that means I'll likely have to be creative in terms of my promotional tactics.

Meanwhile, I want to thank everyone who has followed me along on this journey and those who have provided feedback or help in any form. And to think this is just the start... my second book is entering its fourth draft and I just started writing the third book (already 8,000-plus words in a week).

In other words, this journey is far from finished!

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