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Sunday, October 9, 2016

A Deal Is Done!

Did I say last week on Twitter I'd have a blog post but it would be delayed? I did, didn't I?

So a lot of things got in the way and I didn't get this up as soon as I wanted to, but now I can share the details.

I've signed a contract to have my novel published!

Earlier this week, I signed a deal with Clean Reads to publish Six Pack: Emergence. I spent the what free time I had the past few days finishing pre-edits, in preparation to send a final manuscript to the publisher. Of course, there are other forms I need to complete to get the process going.

But the good news is that I cleared a major hurdle toward getting my novel out into the public's hands. I can talk more about the novel itself and what it's all about and not so much about my adventures of trying to find somebody willing to take a chance on my work.

In the weeks to come, I hope to sit down and talk more about what inspired me with my novel, the themes and the characters.

It's exciting to know that a published novel will soon be reality. Now all I need to do is make sure everything is ready to go and find out if people like my work or not!

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On a sad note, the president of the Kansas Writers Association, Kurt Campbell, passed away about a week ago. I am dedicating the novel to him... Kurt offered to be a beta reader and gave me plenty of insight about how to improve the writing and some plot points. I remember the first KWA meeting I attended in July 2015, how he welcomed me aboard and showed enthusiasm for writing. I owe him a lot for how far I have come.

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