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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Updates On Fair Weekend

The Kingman County Fair was this past weekend and kept me busy, so I don't have a specific item to discuss this week. But I do have a few updates.

* I finished reviewing the first draft of my second book and hope to start the second draft this week.

* Still waiting to hear back from a few of the publishers who expressed interest in my #Pit2Pub pitches. I understand it can take a while for some of them to get back on submissions (I can only imagine how many they had to review). But as they say, patience pays.

* I have submitted a short story to the Kansas Writers Association anthology, which should come out later this year. I'll let you know when it's to be released. Once it's out, I may share the short story here on the blog.

* For those curious about what I discussed during my presentation about superheroes during the KWA meeting a couple weeks ago, you may find it here.

* I'm thinking about sharing some of my writings from the e-feds I've participated in. My thought is that it would be a good way to demonstrate what "voice" is all about. I will have to dig out some of the promos I've written (some of them were written many years ago) and see which ones demonstrate "voice" the best.

* I'm trying to decide what to write for NaNoWriMo. I don't plan for that to be one of the novels in my planned Six Pack series, but I have some other ideas that have run through my head. It depends on which idea I think will work the best.

* Finally, is it just me or has this year's U.S. Presidential election given people many ideas for potential novels? Seems to me that reality is stranger than fiction!

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