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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Pit2Pub Pitches And Other Notes

This Wednesday is Pit2Pub and I've prepared several pitches that I will roll out that day.

I thought I'd give people a sneak peek at the five pitches I have in mind and get feedback from anyone about how they sound. Keep in mind: Pit2Pub is on Twitter and pitches need to be no more than 140 characters, including the hashtags.

* One drink controls society. Another drink gives six teens powers that could change society.
* Teen Titans meets Divergent.
* Little would they realize how much they would discover just by having a drink.
* They took a drink that gave them powers. But do they have the power to change a nation?
* Six teens uncover a secret about society, but after sharing a drink, they uncover so much more.

I'm crossing my fingers that Pit2Pub will lead to the foot in the door into the publishing world. I've read many of the success stories and appreciate what Kristin Van Risseghem and Ann Noser have done to give aspiring authors a chance to be published.

On another note, I finished the first draft of my second planned novel last week and will let it sit for a few more days, before going through it and determining where it needs improvement. Because the first draft is only a little more than 40,000 words, I'll need to expand it. All I need to figure is what should be added without dragging the reader down. The good news is I might not have to cut anything from this book!

And at the Kansas Writers Association meeting this Saturday, I'll be giving the presentation about superheroes and how writers can make them characters people can relate to. I have the outline finished, but need to put it into a final draft.

Finally, I've had more ideas for novels that are separate from my current planned series. Recent events in the news gave me some ideas, perhaps ones that could become finished products during NaNoWriMo.

Ah, the life of a writer.

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