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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Get To Know The Six Pack Series: Linda Russell

My profiles of Six Pack series characters continues with Linda Russell.

Linda is 18 years old and is black (African-American) with straight black hair and brown eyes. She became best friends with Stacy Sanders in secondary school. Linda is fascinated with technology and has always wanted to explore what it's all about, but given her status as a "middle achiever," she was often dissuaded from pursuing that interest. She is energetic and enthusiastic, but is often impulsive. She is friendly and outgoing, but when she talks, it can range from one-liners to endless babbling.

Linda is a talented sprinter in track, so it's only natural that she gains super speed. She is, by far, the most fascinated with the powers the teens develop and believes they can be a means to achieve greatness. She's driven to prove herself to a fault, given that everyone from her parents to her professors told her she needed to "know her limitations." But she has a good heart and is loyal to her friends.

I'm like Linda in that I am sometimes impulsive and tend to babble. But what I like most about Linda is that she's one of those people who believes she can be so much more than what she is told by others. I also think she provides some needed lightheartedness in a story that deals with some dark material.

And I think there are more people out there who are like Linda than even I may realize -- the type of person who has big dreams but gets dissuaded from doing so. I think it makes Linda a sympathetic character, one that I hope people will relate to for more than just her personality.

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