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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Another Week Of Quick Notes

Just a few quick notes this week.

* I finished the second draft of the second book in my planned Six Pack series earlier this month and it's a little more than 60,800 words. I'll be polishing up the draft in the coming weeks before I start looking for beta readers.

* As for the first book, I'll have to follow up with a couple of the publishers about their interest from Pit2Pub. I've been talking enough about the first book that I want to get it out into readers' hands soon. If there's no interest, it will be time to look at other avenues.

* I have at least one idea for another book I plan to try out during NaNoWriMo. Yes, I think this is the year to give that a shot and see what develops. No, it won't be related to anything about the Six Pack series, but I am thinking this one will be told from a first-person point of view.

* Meanwhile, work has picked up and I've been kept hopping. Last Thursday was a high school golf tournament, followed by volleyball matches. I had to write those stories Friday morning, then had the afternoon off to get errands finished, then had a football game to cover. On Saturday morning, there was high school tennis, writing the football story and spending the afternoon at a volleyball tournament out of town. Back to town I came and I have a story to write that evening. So there's plenty of writing for me even when I'm not writing novels or short stories.

But as they say, any writing you can do is a good thing.

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