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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Just Some Short Notes

I'm just going to go over a couple of things this week, some which pertains to writing, some which pertains to life.

1. Queries are still going out to agents. I believe I need to keep exploring this route until it becomes clear it's not the best route for me to take. I plan to send out several in the next few days and keep looking for others who seem like a good fit.

2. In the meantime, I wrote a short story for the Kansas Writers Association's 2016 Anthology. The story is only in the second draft and I'm hoping to get a little more feedback at the next KWA meeting before I send it in. The anthology won't be published until later this summer.

3. I spent time with the family at Disneyland the past couple of days. The best part was spending time with the family, of course. The least favorite part was flying to California and back. Thank goodness for books -- the flight gave me the chance to read The 5th Wave. I'll have a review up next week. I just need to sit down and think about what I want to say.

4. Once my work schedule lightens up, I should have more time toward writing the second book I have in mind. I also have other ideas swimming through my head and will likely sit down to get those ideas out in written form. Perhaps one of those other ideas will let me get my foot in the door.

5. I should also have more time to get a few other things sorted out, such as a Facebook page, an Amazon author page (even if I don't have a published fiction work yet) and who knows what else. Also, I hope to be a little more active on my @sixpackwriter Twitter account during the summer months.

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