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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Book Update: Another Reason Cutting Stuff Helps

So after getting feedback on my fifth draft, I pulled it out and made my own comments. What I found was interesting.

When I reviewed my fourth draft, I found quite a few things I could cut from the draft to tighten the story.  The result was my fifth draft going down to a little more than 50,000 words from around 62,000 in the fourth draft.

After reading feedback and my own brief review, I realized that I needed to make additions by expanding on the characters I kept and the situations they face.

By cutting something from a previous draft, not only can the story work better, but you can go into more detail about what you keep. The result is what should be a more polished product, one that keeps readers interested.

So there's another reason to not be afraid to cut something from a draft. It gives you more freedom to expand characters and other elements that play more importance to your story.

The sixth draft is what I plan to make my final draft before I take the next step. Because we are getting closer to that point, I have decided to reveal a few more details about the book, and you can learn a little more about the primary characters of the book by checking out my information page about Six Pack: Emergence.

For those who have read my draft or parts of it, I thank you. For anyone who is still interested, you are free to inquire, but be advised I want to start writing again by the end of October and it might come earlier than that if I find the time.

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